• Robert Harriott


    Manager: Robert Harriott

    Favourite Food: Chinese

    Favourite Music: Soul

    Most Attractive Celebrity: Halle Berry

    Best All-Time English Player: Peter Beardsley or Paul Scholes

    Best All-Time Worldwide Player: Diego Maradona or Ronaldinho

    Favourite Holiday: Orlando, Florida

     a.k.a.. Uncle Bob, Boss or Gaffer

     Sunday League Managers are hard to find, it’s a thankless task so RDFC have been very fortunate to land Bobby who would no doubt attract the attention of some of the ‘bigger’ clubs in the Morden and District League.

     Wise beyond his years Bobby has probably been the most valuable addition to Real Dundonald in recent history. No one has ever put as much time, energy and commitment into Real Dundonald – Quite simply he lives and breathes the club.

     Before he joined in 2010/11, the club was tired and in real danger of folding. It would take something special to turn it around, to re-ignite the fire and put the club back up where it belongs and that’s just what we got in Bob.

     He is a man of many talents.. a gym instructor, a motivator, a tactician, and a coach that has assembled the most talented young squad in the club’s history. But most importantly he is a brother to the older players and a father figure to the youngsters that has instilled a togetherness and a desire to win that is unsurpassed.

     With Uncle Bob at the helm the good ship Real Dundonald is still going strong…. and even more treasures await.

     Kev Hunt (longest serving player, now retired)

    Development Coach

  • Oral Williams


    Development Coach: Oral Williams

    Favourite Food: Ackee and Saltfish (Jamaican Dish)

    Favourite music: All Genres

    Most Attractive Celebrity: Stacey Dash

    Best All-Time English Footballer: Bryan Robson

    Best All-Time World-Wide Player: Pele

    Favourite Holiday: Miami

    Oral Williams…Assistant Coach….Oral has had a very infectious and important role to the development of REAL DUNDONALD, a charismatic man who is liked and respected by all at the club, if not for his approchable manner, for his thorough never-say-die high tempo fittness drills…….the lads love these drills even if they dont at the time ha…..Oral is an intelligent man who knows The Beautiful Game inside out….”a student of the game”…..he also played to a high level in his younger days too….his other work enables him to bring his knowledge of the human anatomy to the table (which is a big plus)…he loves passing his knowledge of Football on to the younger players in particular…Oral “Carlos Quieroz” Williams has a deep understanding of how games will usually turn out and is methodical in his assessments….Oral is diplomatic by nature and has been unwavering in his support for all things Football and in the upwards direction REAL are heading…I, we are very lucky to have him on board…Oral enjoys the workouts with the Squad and is very happy and comfortable joining in with his own stamina related drills…Good Guy!



  • Melissa Parke (Welfare Officer)
  • Jaylen Williams (Volunteer Coach)
  • Ali Al-Majali (Volunteer Coach)
  • Lucy Robinson (Volunteer Coach)


  • Emma Button

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