Current Team


  • Omar Baker

    Omar Baker

    Omar Baker

  • Ricky Nuttall

    Ricky Nuttall

    Favourite Food: Egg (like his head)

    Favourite music: Classical

    Most Attractive Celebrity: Matt Lucas

    Best All-Time English Player: Steve Stone

    Best All-Time Worldwide Player: Julien Dicks

    Favourite Holiday: Isle of Man

    Ricky Nuttall

    Ricky is a  recent re-addition to our team. He brings with him a commanding presence and steely determination which is very infectious, he is comfortable in midfield or defence. A busy, energetic hardman who absolutely loves to tackle, he is strong in the air and a big communicator with organisation skills. Ricky is very charismatic both on and off the pitch which is well received throughout the team, he is driven to win.


  • Rob Hopkins

    Rob Hopkins

    Favourite Food: Chinese

    Favourite Music: Progressive House

    Most Attractive Celebrity: Kelly Brook

    Best All Time English Player: Tony Adams

    Best All Time Worldwide Player: Zico

    Favourite Holiday: Australia


    Rob Hopkins……Rob joined Real Dundonald with just two months of 2011/12 season left…he immediately caught the eye of all with his robust yet skillful talent, a clever footballer who is tough, sure and commanding in the challenge, calm under pressure, tenacious in the tackle, comfortable on the ball, good in the air, and a good crosser/passer.  Rob featured a lot during Real Dundonbalds Double winning season 2012/13, he formed a formidable partnership with Ben Hayes down the right hand side of that Championship side….Rob is a likeable man who loves Arsenal FC and Real Dundonald FC of course….

  • Jordan Hamilton

    Jordan Hamilton

    Favourite Food: Thai

    Favourite Music: House

    Most Attractive Celebrity: Kelly Brook

    Best All-Time English Player: Gary Lineker

    Best All-Time Worldwide Player: Messi

    Favourite Holiday: Thailand 2011

  • Luke Hooper


    Luke Hooper

    Favourite Food: Italian

    Favourite music: Any Type

    Most Attractive Celebrity: Charlize Theron

    Best All-Time English Player: Alan Shearer

    Best All-Time Worldwide Player: Zinadine Zidane

    Favourite Holiday: Kos

    Luke “The Quiet Man” Hooper……..Lukes committment to making himself into one of the most improved players since i joined in 2010 is very impressive, he won last seasons “most improved player” from his team-mates, he is a utility player who can slot into various roles all over the park, a solid, clever all-rounder, who also chips in with good goals, up until his injury late last year 2011 he was really on top of his game……has a knack of ghosting down the flank to whip in pin-point crosses when playing wide…i have every confidence Luke will be back with a vengeance when he returns from injury……

  • Tahir Ali

    Tahir Ali

    Favourite Food: 

    Favourite music: 

    Most Attractive Celebrity: 

    Best All-Time English Player: 

    Best All-Time Worldwide Player: 

    Favourite Holiday: 

    Tahir Ali

  • Andy Williams


  • Ollie Richards (c)

    Ollie Richards (c)

    Favourite Food: Chinese food

    Favourite International Player: Ronaldinho

    Favourte English Player: Stephen Gerrard

    Most Attractive Celebrity: Michelle Keegan

    Favourite Holiday Destination: USA

    Favourite Team: Man Utd

    21 year old Ollie Richards is quite simply a fantastic talent, a leader, a tough tackler, a great eye for a pass, for his years he is noticeably calm under pressure yet has a fiery streak now and again, that being said, he concentrates hard!!!!!…… this is a player who, simply put ‘must win football matches’. Ollie in his own way, reminds me of our retired skipper Stephen Young, both men possesing very high level football brains. Ollie has been captain of our side whilst K. Blakebrough had been out with an injury in 2014/15. Ollie has been a revelation in his second full season for Real Dundonald. The kid is highly respected throughout the club. Ollie forever catches the eye and has a huge presence wherever he plays, either in defence or central midfield (where he is best), the kid is full of passion for the game and he can “play a little bit” too, oh yeah just a bit!!

  • Joe Nsarhaza

    Joe Nsarhaza

    Favourite Food: Steak

    Favourite music: Bob Marley

    Most Attractive Celebrity: Halle Berry or Roselyn Sanchez

    Best All-Time English Player: Paul Scholes

    Best All-Time Worldwide Player: Paul Scholes

    Favourite Holiday: Egypt

    Joe is a player who makes you smile and appreciate this game we all love. I had been after him from the very first time I saw him play. It took a while for him to join but eventually he made the move in pre-season July 2014. We had come up against Joe many times in the league. As fate would have it we faced his team in one of our biggest games v Haydons Park in a Cup Final (12/13 season) I had to make ‘special tactics’ for Joe. Joe is comfortable as a central midfielder and can pull the strings in any football match. A respectful man, a loyal man, a fantastic footballer. Joe is a team man and everybody knows this. Although not the fastest in pace his intelligence on a football pitch is exceptionally quick, naturally tough and strong, very skillful, good vision and a natural born leader. Joe is a big talker on the pitch, an organizer. The kid takes instructions very well and gives out his own, he has a way about him which makes others listen to him and respect him. Well liked in the changing room, can be very thoughtful before matches but will give as good as he gets with our brilliant team banter in the changing room, led by none other than Ricky Nuttall of course ha.

    Joe has expressed his willingness to help, coach and teach our youth players and be generally involved in all things football. This will only make our whole set-up stronger and even more brighter.

  • Lee Whelan

    Lee Whelan

    Football Team: Queens Park Rangers

    Favourite International player: Lionel Messi

    Favourite All-Time English player: Paul Scholes

    Favourite Food: Mrs Lasagne (ha ha)

    Most Fancible Celebrity: Mila Kunis

    Favourite Holiday: Cuba

    We haven’t seen Lee feature as much as we’d like to for our club due to an on-going injury, that being said, those who have had the pleasure of seeing him in pre-season at the beginning of 14/15 season will know we have a major football player right here….intelligent, a ball-winner, good vision, can finish with either foot and his head too., Lee came to the club saying he’s a defender but excelled in the engine room for us (Central Midfield). Lee had a remakably high rate of assists for the few games he played in early last term, Lee is also a grafter and an all round likeable fella.

    Lee has a good physique on him, if you know the game, upon sight you’ll know he’s a footballer.

    We will see Lee very soon in the Red and Black of our Football Club.

  • Dane Harvey


    Favourite Food: Jamaican Food

    Favourite music: Reggae..Dancehall

    Most Attractive Celebrity: J Lo

    Best All-Time English Player: Wayne Rooney

    Best All-Time Worldwide Player: Zinadine Zidane

    Favourite Holiday: England

    Dane Harvey…Dane by nature is a throwback winger…..loves to get down the flank and whip in a beautiful cross….since joing REAL midway through 2011-12…Dane has played upfront too, straight through the middle, where he showed he knows where the goal is…. a scorer of good instinctive and long range goals…5 goals in 6 appearances, he usually came on as a sub too when this happened…Dane is comfortable with the ball, very comfortable….his trickery, imagination, strength and pace allow him to beat his man with ease…Dane can operate at LB, LM, LWB or upfront…..Dane has good vision too and is not afraid to get stuck in….an intelligent player who loves his football, a good guy who when not available always wants to know what, who and how about the teams results…….

  • Cameron Marshall-Baxter
  • Kit Gurrin
  • Ben Hayes

    Ben Hayes

    Favourite Food: Nandos

    Favourite music: RNb

    Most Attractive Celebrity: Pixie Lott

    Best All-Time English Player: Paul Scholes

    Best All-Time Worldwide Player: Lionel Messi

    Favourite Holiday: Zante

    Ben Hayes is simply one of the most skillful players to grace our club, a natural footballer, can operate anywhere in midfield… up front…. or in the hole….very clever for his years, knows the game well and is a tough little big man too, he can beat anyone with a ball at his feet on his day, great touch, great vision with perfect awareness, what you’d call A PLAYMAKER. ‘Jimmy’ chips in with his fair share of goals…..always seems to score two or three in a game, never just one!!!!! (im not complaining)… he is my number 7!!!!…..(B. Harriott)

  • Jermaine Cope


  • Emmanuel Okyere

    Emmanuel Okyere

    Favourite Food: 

    Favourite music: 

    Most Attractive Celebrity: 

    Best All-Time English Player: 

    Best All-Time Worldwide Player: 

    Favourite Holiday: 


  • Tim Patient

    Tim Patient

    Favourite Food: Chinese

    Favourite music: 90s RnB slow jams

    Most Attractive Celebrity: Susan Boyle

    Best All-Time English Player: Paul Gascoigne

    Best All-Time Worldwide Player: Eric Cantona

    Favourite Holiday: South of France

    Tim came to us in the summer of 2015, making the transfer across Surrey from Haydons Park. Tim played in central midfield for Haydons Park, always catching the eye when we faced Haydons in the league in 2012/13. Tim would go on to win MOTM against us in The Mrs Hickey Cup Final in the same season, he was on the losing side that day though ha ha. Tim aka The Blonde Zlatan (a new nickname given to him by B. Harriott) has been a revelation since joining Real Dundonald, a giant of a man who stands at 6ft 3inc, that being said he has remarkably good balance for one so tall, skilful on the ball with good feet. B. Harriott has preferred to use Tim upfront or just in front of the midfield “in the hole, or just off the main striker”, this has brought about a lot of goals for RDFC. The kid has a fantastic goals per game ratio and has scored some vital goals in his early days at RDFC (the winning goal against Ironside in a tight league game in October 2015 being just one of them), long may this continue. Tim holds the ball up very well to be able to bring his team-mates into play, he is good in the air, can score with both feet, possess good vision and somewhat of a free-kick specialist, he has converted some lovely freekicks thus far, the couple or so that don’t go in the net will usually bring about a save from the oppositions goalkeeper. Tim has fitted into the squad perfectly, he is well liked and respected by all. A good humble guy not the biggest talker but that’s fine……The kid does his ‘talking on the pitch’.

    I must add….in pre-season Tim scored a sensational left-foot curler from 25-30 yards which had everybody marvelling, even our opponents on the day had to respect that and take note!!!!. If you saw that finish you’ll know………

    …….Tim is another High-Level Footballer in Real Dundonald Football Club.


  • Ian Roberts

    Ian Roberts

    Favourite Food: Italian

    Favourite music: Soul music (before 1979)

    Most Attractive Celebrity: Rosario Dawson

    Best All-Time English Player: Chris Waddle

    Best All-Time Worldwide Player: Zinadine Zidane

    Favourite Holiday: New York City

    Ian Roberts is simply one of the most skilful players to grace our team, he loves to express himself with a football, A Gooner Lover…and enjoys playing that style of football, Ian can operate anywhere in midfield or up top, Ian can be very rugged yet smooth in the middle of the park, cool and calm, strong in the air and deceptively quick too….Ian is a naturally fit man and posseses a high level of passing ability added with a unique knack for doing the unexpected with the ball at his feet….

    • Ali Al-Majali


       Ali Al-Majali

      Favourite Food: Arabic

      Favourite music: Motown/RnB

      Most Attractive Celebrity: Cheryl Cole

      Best All-Time English Player: Alan Shearer

      Best All-Time Worldwide Player: Zinadine Zidane

      Favourite Holiday: Jordan

      Ali Al-Majali…..Our number 9 brings a unique blend of raw passion with (simply put) “a bag of different goals”….Al-Chirito scores goals in all types of matches/situations. Simple. The man is just a Natural Goalscorer……unfortunately an injury picked up early in the 2011/12 season kept him out for the best part of it…but he returned in mid January, immediately banging in the goals, scored as many goals in as many games we had left….a hardworking, clever, agile, skillful, cunning, pacy striker who understands the game very well, can score with head or left or right foot, scored a very memorable goal within weeks of coming back, a volley from all of 35 yards when it looked to all like the ball was going off for a throw-in!!!!!!!!!….also Al-Chiritos infectious, bubbly nature and willingness to help teammates on and off the pitch is a great asset to our Club….YET OPPONENTS MUST WATCH HIM CLOSELY AT ALL TIMES…..OR HE WILL HURT THEM!!!!!!

      Al-Chirito and Michael Gyles have formed one of the most deadliest strike partnerships you’ll see at any level, this was evident in our Double winning season, both scoring 25 goals each!!!!!!!!, on May 10th 2013 they both went to Sutton United for our Cup Final on 24 goals apiece…..we were victorious 1-2. NEED I SAY ANY MORE.

    • Michael Gyles

       Michael Gyles

      Favourite Food: Jerk Chicken, Fried Chicken, legs, wings, Nandos, CHICKEN

      Favourite music: House

      Most Attractive Celebrity: Kelly Brook

      Best All-Time English Player: Gary Lineker

      Best All-Time Worldwide Player: Brazilian Ronaldo

      Favourite Holiday: Ibiza (with Boys)…Egypt (with Fiancé)

      Micheal Gyles……Micheal joined Real in the summer of 2012 and instantly showed his quality as a Top goalscorer and a naturally gifted footballer…. the kid has all attributes….skill, balance, will, good vision, intelligence, speed, strength, agility and a scorer of “very special goals”…. all types of goals to be honest….simply put…. the kid scores goals and then some more goals!!!!!…….”Van Gyles” has a very calm and confident nature on the pitch and has a phenomenal goalscoring record to date……along the way he has scored two hat-tricks in 2012-13 season…. each hat-trick scored in just 45minutes of play!!!!!!!…Micheal enjoys playing as a number 9 or number 10……a likeable lad who is respected by all at REAL…and opponents likewise….they “know” who he is…..a truly fantastic addition to Real Dundonald


    Robert Harriott

    Our Story So far….

    The origin of Real Dundonald is a story of passion, perseverance and the realisation of a young boys dreams.
    The story starts humbly….A group of friends kicking a tennis ball around in the playground after school and spending long Sunday’s over Dundonald Park until the sun went down.  At a time when football was everything, friendships were made, bonds were formed and dreams of the future were discussed over post-game packets of crisps and cans of coke.

    The dream was to create something that would capture these times forever. Something that would last. Something that would last. Something Real….So when these young boys grew into young men of 17/18 years old they formed their own football team and in 1992 Dundonald FC was born.

    They quickly applied to join the West Fulham Football League, sending off the £10 registration fee in the post whilst excitedly preparing for their first ever match…a grading game which would determine their standard. For the players it was finally a chance to get on a pitch and live the dream whilst demonstrating all the skills they had honed after all those years. It was to be a defining moment.

    Whack!! We lost 9-2! And the misery was confounded 3 days later with a letter in the post from the league returning the deposit. Too young was the feedback it was just too soon. Rather than sit and stew some of the squad went off to existing league teams to get some experience and the following year Dundonald were accepted into the league.

    The early stages were tough; it was literally men against boys at a time when big strong pub teams were the dominant force in Sunday football. Despite finishing bottom for the first few seasons there was improvement and the team grew together and became a respectable mid-table side.

    In 1998 everything changed. Disagreements and in-fighting led to a split right across the heart of the team. The club became Dundonald Chase and went off to ply their trade in the Morden and District league. Another team Tolworth Park Rangers were born out of this frustration and had a brief unsuccessful spell in the bottom rung of M&D League before disbanding. For the most part many of the original members could just sit by and watch Dundonald Chase gain prominence in their own right and wonder what happened.

    It was two years befor the hunger and the desire returned and a new team was setup to capture the essence of the original Dundonald and in 2001 ‘Real’ Dundonald rose from the ashes and followed Dundonald Chase into the Morden and District league.

    These were good years as the club really established itself as a strong organised well run football club leading to a fierce rivalry with Dundonald Chase. The passion was back and with new hungry players coming in the future looked bright. However the following year saw mixed fortunes for the clubs.

    Dundonald Chases’ stock was rising; they were marching up the leagues and winning trophies whilst Real Dundonald began to fade – languishing dangerously in the lower leagues struggling to make any impact. With many of the original players retiring the club had lost its way and its heart.

    Towards the end of the 2010/11 season the club was in disarray barely able to field a team and a decision was taken that it would the last season, the dream would be over. That was until amiable young man appeared on the side lines to watch the final few games, his name was Robert Harriot but he became known as Uncle Bob.

    A real student of the game, he spoke at length with the senior players sharing his views and outlook of the beautiful game. Bob’s enthusiasm rubbed off on the whole squad and it instilled a spark that had been missing a very long time. In the summer break a decision was taken to continue for another year with Bob becoming manager of Real Dundonald. Oral Williams, Bob’s right hand man came on board, Oral also brought his own experience of all things football to the club. Bob’s exuberance and passion took hold of the squad and he quickly instilled a winner’s mentality and sense of unity and pride to play for the club. His message? – Simple….. Believe.

    The unity on the pitch was only surpassed by the camaraderie off the pitch. The team became brothers, new singings had to bleed red and black or they would not make it.

    His philosophy paid dividends in just two seasons. Under his leadership the club have gone from strength to strength culminating in 2012/13 season winning the league and cup double, making history……. Real Dundonald’s own history!!

    In five seasons to date Real Dundonald have gone on to win 5 trophies.

    Real Dundonald have immediately climbed the League Divisons from 9 to 3