Dundonald Juniors were founded in the summer of 2014.  From meeting in the local park every week without fail, all boys went on to have a lot of fun and build new friendships. The boys also went on to develop as individuals and also develop as a good footballing team.  Bob and Oral taught the fundamentals of the game, passing, communication, movement, positional play, vision and awareness.  This culminated in the youth team winning their division in the respected Surrey Youth League in their very first season, winning the league by 11 points.  For a brand new team this is simply a remarkable achievement!  Off the back of this exceptional debut season, the boys have now been put up two divisions for the upcoming 2015/16 season.  Dundonald Juniors will be ready!

The Junior Team

  • Hamza Sarfraz
  • Francisco Ferreira
  • Jamal Mugarura
  • Micheal Lorenzo
  • Daniel Bullen
  • Sandeep Gurung
  • Jonathan Boadu
  • Joshua Wallace
  • Telmo Lopez
  • Krystian Albrycht
  • Thomas Owusu
  • Yanthavan Muraleetharan
  • Lewis Taylor
  • Luke Howcroft
  • Max Brewer-Stobie
  • Brandon Huie
  • Dan Tanner