Hall of Fame

These are players that have been with us, some still remain here. These men have been inducted into our Hall of Fame. Most have left but never forgotten.

Team Alumni

  • Ben Radford
  • Chris Alderson
  • Michael James
  • Kevin Blakebrough

  • Kenny White
  • Kev Hart
  • Steve Young
  • Michael James
  • Stephen Ingram
  • Maj Graham
  • Tom Tibbetts
  • Jordan Hamilton

    Jordan Hamilton

    Favourite Food: Thai

    Favourite Music: House

    Most Attractive Celebrity: Kelly Brook

    Best All-Time English Player: Gary Lineker

    Best All-Time Worldwide Player: Messi

    Favourite Holiday: Thailand 2011

  • Ben Hayes

    Ben Hayes

    Favourite Food: Nandos

    Favourite music: RNb

    Most Attractive Celebrity: Pixie Lott

    Best All-Time English Player: Paul Scholes

    Best All-Time Worldwide Player: Lionel Messi

    Favourite Holiday: Zante

    Ben Hayes is simply one of the most skillful players to grace our club, a natural footballer, can operate anywhere in midfield… up front…. or in the hole….very clever for his years, knows the game well and is a tough little big man too, he can beat anyone with a ball at his feet on his day, great touch, great vision with perfect awareness, what you’d call A PLAYMAKER. ‘Jimmy’ chips in with his fair share of goals…..always seems to score two or three in a game, never just one!!!!! (im not complaining)… he is my number 7!!!!…..(B. Harriott)

  • Andy Williams
  • Ian Roberts

    Ian Roberts

    Favourite Food: Italian

    Favourite music: Soul music (before 1979)

    Most Attractive Celebrity: Rosario Dawson

    Best All-Time English Player: Chris Waddle

    Best All-Time Worldwide Player: Zinadine Zidane

    Favourite Holiday: New York City

    Ian Roberts is simply one of the most skilful players to grace our team, he loves to express himself with a football, A Gooner Lover…and enjoys playing that style of football, Ian can operate anywhere in midfield or up top, Ian can be very rugged yet smooth in the middle of the park, cool and calm, strong in the air and deceptively quick too….Ian is a naturally fit man and posseses a high level of passing ability added with a unique knack for doing the unexpected with the ball at his feet….

  • Michael Gyles
  • Joe Nsarhaza

  • Ali Al-Majali
  • Rob Hopkins
  • Ricky Nuttall
  • Pasquale Guadango
  • Ray Green
  • Kenny Ricklesford
  • Lee Whelan
  • Luke Hooper
  • Devon Harvey
  • Dean Weeks
  • Tim Patient
  • Mark James